Dota 2 Short Film Contest winners


Yesterday the winners of Dota 2 Short Film Contest, organized by Valve, were announced. Do you guess which works were chosen? Let's watch the videos and congratulate the winners on their success!


The contest prize is $ 20 000. The organizers provided no information, whether the prize will be divided among the winners, or each winner will get the mentioned sum.


The Calling


Lozeng3r created the video, which demonstrates all the awesome features of The International. The quality of the movie being exceptionally high, it can be called an alternative trailer of Dota 2, especially when taking into account the age of the official movie by Valve.


Enigma's Exasperation


The victory of MaxOfS2D is deservedhigh quality animation coupled with irony is a winning combination!


Low priority story


An unusual yet worthy movie by W200me (one of Ukraine Natus Vincere's moviemakers) has a very simple sequence along with a sweet doggie, leading to victory.


Tower Destroyers: Hidden Talent


Excellent cartoon about Axe by :D Biggreenpepper. The combination of 2D and 3D is very fine idea.


The Sacrifice


It would've been very wrong, if Valve hadn't awarded this work. This is very sensitive and tender movie about the sacrifice of Tiny. Must see - must feel!


Summing up, we'd like to note, that enormous quantity of works was sent for the contest. Some of them were of poor qualities, while others were on the same level with the winners. Anyway, it's great to see that Dota 2 community has many talented, creative and interesting personalities. We hope this is not the last contest by Valve!


TOP-10 video Dota 2 Short Film Contest

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