TWC 2015 - groups announced


The second qualifiers round of The World Championships 2015 in European region is over. It determined twenty four participants of the group stage. Ukraine's national team, which has 2 players of Na`Vi.CS:GO in its roster, easily passed qualifiers and will participate in the group stage.  All the national teams will be divided into 4 groups, 6 teams in each group. Only four teams of each group will get to the next stage, eight outsiders leaving the tournament. The group stage system is round robin, the match format is best of 1. More data will be provided later. 


Poland Poland
Denmark Denmark
Palau Kazakhstan
Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania
Latvia Latvia
France France
Netherlands Netherlands
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia
Ukraine Ukraine
Hungary Hungary
Spain Spain
Russian Federation Russia
Slovakia Slovakia
Finland Finland
Germany Germany
United Kingdom UK
Turkey Turkey
Sweden Sweden
Belgium Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Norway Norway
Iceland Iceland
Belarus Belarus

The most powerful players of the country are invited into national teams. Ukraine Zeus and Ukraine Edward are one of the most powerful players of Ukraine and the world. As part of Natus Vincere, they've won many tournaments in 2015. Our players will play key role in the national team. The fans of the Born to Win have a unique chance to see legendary professionals of CS 1.6 и CS:GO playing a new role. Their teammates include: Ukraine s1mple, Ukraine ANGE1, Ukraine markeloff, Ukraine bondik, Ukraine fix.

Ironically two of Ukraine Natus Vincere's CS:GO players are the members of the Russian national team. These are Russian Federation flamie и Russian Federation Seized. The Ukrainians are in group A, and the Russians are in Group C. However, if both national teams get to the play off, they are very likely to play against each other, which will be much interesting to see. Though we can't predict now, which team will get to the next stage. Both teams are aspired to win. Ukraine Zeus and Russian Federation flamie will play key roles in their. Who will perform the best? We'll learn later.

Prize pool of TWC finals

top 1 place — $ 50 000

top 2 place — $ 25 000

top 3 place — $ 10 000

top 4 place — $ 5 000

top 5 place — $ 2 500

top 6 place — $ 2 500

top 7 place — $ 2 500

top 8 place — $ 2 500


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