WCA 2015: Details of the qualifiers


World Cyber Arena 2015 comes back! The organizers have substantially increased the prize pool, which is now $ 650 000. Eight teams were invited to participate in European qualifiers. From 21 till 24 September they will be fighting over two slots in the main part of the tournament held in Yinchuan (China).



The prize pool of the qualification stage is $94 000. Notwithstanding the result of the qualifiers, each team will get money prize. There's a match over the third place in the qualifiers. The third place won't grant the slot in the main event, but it will increase the prize pool. The tournament will be held under the system of single elimination, all matches are best of 3.

Ukraine Natus Vincere was also invited to the qualifiers. Having spent many days training, our players are ready to fight. WCA 2015 qualifiers provide great chance for the Born to Win to show what they're capable of. Don't miss the matches! They're worth watching!


Match schedule:
Time (CEST) Match Match page


Russian Federation Virtus.pro [2:0] International Monkey Business  
OVER Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas [2:0] Russian Federation Team Empire  
OVER Russian Federation Vega Squadron [0:2] Sweden Alliance  
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [0:2] International Team Secret Watch
OVER Russian Federation Virtus.pro [2:0] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas  
OVER Sweden Alliance [1:2] International Team Secret  
OVER Russian Federation Virtus.pro [0:2] International Team Secret  
OVER Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas [2:0] Sweden Alliance  



2Russian Federation Virtus.pro
2Russian Federation Virtus.pro
0Russian Federation Virtus.pro
WinInternational Team Secret
0International Monkey Business
2Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
0Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
0Russian Federation Team Empire
0Russian Federation Vega Squadron
1Sweden Alliance
2International Team Secret
2Sweden Alliance
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
2International Team Secret
2International Team Secret


Prize pool:

top 1 place: International Team Secret — $ 45 000 and the slot in the main part,

top 2 place: Russian Federation Virtus.pro — $ 22 000 and the slot in the main part,

top 3 place: Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas — $ 15 000,

top 4 place: Sweden Alliance — $ 3 000,

4-8 places: International Monkey Business, Russian Federation Team Empire, Russian Federation Vega Squadron, Ukraine Natus Vincere — $ 3 000 each.


Invited teams:

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere,
  • Russian Federation Team Empire,
  • Russian Federation Vega Squadron,
  • Russian Federation Virtus.pro,
  • Sweden Alliance,
  • Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas,
  • International Team Secret,
  • International Monkey Business.
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