WoT for Xbox One Presentation


On July 29, all Xbox One console users got their free access to the popular game World of Tanks. The next day, WoT developer Wargaming.net conducted a presentation of the new version of their game at Microsoft Technology Center in Moscow. One of UkraineNatus Vincere‘s reporters was present at this event and prepared a very interesting detailed overview. 


"I had come to Microsoft Technology Center half an hour prior to everybody’s arrival, and one hour before the press-conference itself, so I had enough time to look around the venue. A reception desk and stands with company’s products on them were located right in front of the main entrance. Also, there was a stand with leaflets and other info, and a server room with full glass walls. The rest of space was occupied by small halls with discussion rooms and private offices. 



Even though the conference hasn't been even close to its beginning, tea, coffee, desserts and cookies were waiting for all attendees on the tables. Some of the guests that didn't try out the new game occupied the tables with 3 consoles on them and were testing it.



Everybody could take a photo before the conference to get an interesting souvenir from Wargaming.net and Xbox One.



Finally, all guests were invited to the presentation hall. Andrey Kalugin, the head of Xbox One department in Russia, was the first to take the floor. He shared some details about the launch of the game. Вy the way, the game was released just a year after the release of WoT on Xbox 360 consoles. In a few weeks, the beta-version was available. It is interesting that World of Tanks on Xbox One is not connected with PC version at all, being an entirely new game, created from scratch.



Artem Safronov, the project manager of World of Tanks in CIS, spoke next. He opened his presentation mentioning the great achievements of Xbox 360 version of WoT. In fact, it had 6 millions of registered users, which is without doubt a huge success for the first console FTP-game. Also, WoT was awarded as “The best console game” at European Game Awards 2014. Graphic improvements, caused by the transition to Xbox One, were also mentioned: 300 tanks as well as 900 static items were redesigned for higher-resolution output. One of the main advantages of the game was explained as well. The cross-platform ability within Microsoft consoles will give all users an opportunity to use a single account on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with their in-game progress also being the same. The users of the previous consoles will be able to communicate with those who play World of Tanks on Xbox One easily with the help of the voice chat. Apart from it, the maps were redesigned and new weather effects were added. Artem Safronov said that they plan to create a PvE-content that will be available for players without Xbox Live Gold-status and that the game must be modified with new maps, tanks and nations soon. All in all, developers will continue their optimization program to make sure that all WoT fans would be able to enjoy the game. What is also important is that development directions of console and PC-versions of the game will be different.



At the end, everybody got a gift bag with souvenirs featuring World of Tanks and Xbox One logos. A shirt, a mug, a makeup bag, a sleep mask, a pen and an Xbox One USB battery were inside of it.


Wargaming.net developers are always very attentive to all their projects, and World of Tanks on Xbox One is not an exception. All in all, the new console version has got a lot of advantages compared to Xbox 360, which means that the company is doing a very hard work. As for me, I wish all WoT fans to enjoy the advantages of playing on Xbox One."


Natus Vincere's team is very grateful to Wargaming for the chance to attend this event.

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