Na`Vi.Xixo continues winning!


Yesterday the first tournament of Eizo Community Cup series was over. The tournament is remarkable for its format. Any Hearthstone fan can participate in the Cup, which is a great opportunity not only to encounter pro players in a match, but also win money, provided the skill is good enough.

The tournament began on 12 October, with 512 people registered. They were fighting for 2 days against each other. The final stage of the tournament began on 14 October. At 1/16 the invited professionals joined the most successful players. The professionals included: Germany Cloud9.Ek0pRomania Gamers2.RDU, and two representatives of Ukraine Natus Vincere —  Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert and Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen.

Our players began the performance successfully and managed to reach semifinal. Though Germany Xixo was close to the loss in 2 games. However, fortunately, he managed to win the decisive games. In the semifinal stage Denmark Hoej was defeated by Germany Ek0p 0:3 and left the tournament. 

Germany Xixo managed to defeat his rival Romania RDU and was ready to encounter Germany Ek0p. He had an opportunity to revenge for his teammate's defeat. Sebastian made no mistakes and won the match 3:0, becoming the champion of Eizo Community Cup #1. Congratulations, Sebastian!


Comment by Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert:


"Being my last tournament before the Warsong Commander nerf I knew I had to bring patron warrior one last time. Midrange hunter was performing quite well in recent tournaments so I went with that as well, facedruid is quite popular on ladder but I haven't seen anyone bring it to a tournament yet - so I figured why not and went with it. After 2 close matches vs qualified players offstream I then played vs RDU and Ek0p on stream. Matchup lined up quite well for me as they count get a win with their midrange druid. Overall it was a fun tournament and I hope I get to play in the 2nd episode next week".


Prize pool

top 1 place: Germany Na`Vi.Xixo — $ 1 500

top 2 place: Germany Cloud9.Ek0p — $ 500


Brackets of the final stage

3Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej
0Denmark Hoej
0Germany Ek0p
WinGermany Xixo
1United Kingdom cheetahhh
3Germany Cloud9.Ek0p
3Germany Ek0p
2Sweden Manalight.Powder
2Italy Amez
3Germany Xixo
3Germany Xixo
3Germany Na`Vi.Xixo
3Romania Gamers2.RDU
1Romania RDU
1Svalbard and Jan Mayen LC.Asmodai


XiXo decks



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