The eSports Arena: XiXo is the winner!


The eSports Arena tournament has come to an end, where 16 participants, including Ukraine Natus Vincere representative  Germany Sebastian «XiXo» Bentert, were competing over the prize pool of $ 25 000.


Yesterday, our player successfully got through the group stage, and so had to face his playoff opponents today. His first rival of the day was Greece Hawkeye from Greece Fade 2 Karma team. The games were quite intense, but the odds definitely were in Sebastian`s favor. In one of the games, he was just 2 health points away from the loss. That's what has happened: Greece Hawkeye decided to take a risk and destroyed his own bomb with the spell. According to the rules of the game, the bomb explosion deals 1–4 points of damage. To everybody’s surprise, Germany XiXo was lucky enough to get the minimal one. After such an incredible luck, it was impossible for him to lose: he turned the tide of the game and won with a 3:1 score.

United States Astrogation, the player that got into this tournament through really tough qualifying stage, was his semifinal opponent. Even though his group stage performance was excellent, in the match against United States TidesofTime he was considered to be an outsider.  But United States Astrogation proved that the skills weigh more than popularity in Hearthstone. He had quite good chances to win against Germany XiXo, and all five games were needed to determine the winner. But at the end,  Germany XiXo has managed to come on top.


In the grand-final, Sebastian encountered  United States Hearthlytics.Jab. Germany XiXo has already played against him in the group stage, and was unexpectedly defeated. This time, he got a great chance to get revenge, and of course used it skillfully. The luck has once again helped Germany XiXo. In the fourth game Sebastian took the initiative, and the result of the match became fully predictable. Despite all efforts,  United States Jab couldn’t regain control over the match, and had no choice but to congratulate Sebastian on his deserved first place.


Therefore, Germany XiXo has managed to take a convincing win at the LAN-tournament with a solid list of participants. The first place reward was $ 10 000, which is exactly as much as  Netherlands ThijsNL got for the first place at the Europe championship. We congratulate Sebastian on his win and hope that the victories that are waiting for him in the future will be even more amazing. All information about the tournament can be found in our coverage.

Prize pool:

top 1 place: Germany Na`Vi.XiXo — $ 10 000

top 2  place: United States Hearthlytics.Jab — $ 5 000

top 3top 4  place: United States Astrogation, United States Dignitas.Chakki — $ 2 500 each.

top 5-8  places: Greece F2K.Hawkeye, United States Cloud9.TidesofTime. United States Archon.Firebat, United States Cloud9.StrifeCro — $ 1 250 each.

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