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We are excited to present very pleasant news for all Hearthstone fans, especially for those who cheer for our team. While  Denmark Hoej and Sweden Ostkaka are competing at the European championship, Germany XiXo, who couldn't pass the qualifying stage, won't sit still. A few days ago he arrived in Santa-Ana (USA) to participate in The eSports Arena Hearthstone with overall prize pool of $ 25 000


Apart from Sebastian, many other well-known players will take part in it, and most of them are from America. Germany XiXo will have to battle against  United States TrumpUnited States ReynadUnited States FirebatUnited States StrifeCro and many other skilled ones, but he has quite high chances to win. Let's keep our fingers crossed, follow all his matches and believe in success! 


The main part of the event will kick off on 3 October, but the owners of VIP-tickets will be able to come one day earlier to communicate with their favorite players and watch show-matches. The tournament is hosted by eSports Arena, the firth North-American arena designed specially for such events, with total area of 15 000 square metres. 


  • $ 25 000


Time (CET) Маtch Match page



United States Cloud9.StrifeCro VS United States coL.Dog  
20:00 United States Cloud9.TidesofTime VS United States coL.Waffster  
20:00 United States TS.Reynad VS United States Dignitas.Chakki  
21:00 Canada Kitkatz VS United States Astrogation  
21:00 United States Dignitas.Chakki VS United States Cloud9.TidesofTime  
21:00 United States TS.Reynad VS United States coL.Waffster  
22:00 United States Archon.Zalae VS United States TS.Hyped  
22:00 United States Cloud9.StrifeCro VS Canada Kitkatz  
22:00 United States coL.Dog VS United States Astrogation  


23:00 Germany Na`Vi.XiXo VS United States Hearthlytics.Jab  
23:00 United States Cloud9.StrifeCro VS United States Astrogation  
23:00 United States coL.Dog VS Canada Kitkatz  
00:00 United States TSM.Trump VS United States Archon.Firebat  
00:00 Germany Na`Vi.XiXo VS United States Archon.Zalae  
00:00 United States TS.Hyped VS United States Hearthlytics.Jab  
01:00 Greece F2K.Hawkeye VS United States ShamonaHe  
01:00 United States Archon.Zalae VS United States Hearthlytics.Jab  
01:00 Germany Na`Vi.XiXo VS United States TS.Hyped  
02:00 United States Dignitas.Chakki VS United States coL.Waffster  
02:00 Greece F2K.Hawkeye VS United States Archon.Firebat  
02:00 United States TSM.Trump VS United States ShamonaHe  
03:00 United States Cloud9.TidesofTime VS United States TS.Reynad  
03:00 United States Archon.Firebat VS United States ShamonaHe  
03:00 Greece F2K.Hawkeye VS United States TSM.Trump  


Group stage

# Player Series Matches
1. United States Cloud9.StrifeCro 0–0 0–0
2. United States coL.Dog 0–0 0–0
3. Canada Kitkatz 0–0 0–0
4. United States Astrogation 0–0 0–0
# Player Series Matches
1. United States Cloud9.TidesofTime 0–0 0–0
2. United States Dignitas.Chakki 0–0 0–0
3. United States coL.Waffster 0–0 0–0
4. United States TS.Reynad 0–0 0–0
# Player Series Matches
1. Germany Na`Vi.XiXo 0–0 0–0
2. United States Archon.Zalae 0–0 0–0
3. United States Hearthlytics.Jab 0–0 0–0
4. United States TS.Hyped 0–0 0–0
# Player Series Matches
1. United States Archon.Firebat 0–0 0–0
2. Greece F2K.Hawkeye 0–0 0–0
3. United States TSM.Trump 0–0 0–0
4. United States ShamonaHe 0–0 0–0


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