Successful start of Xixo at Hs-arena


The first group stage of Hs-arena grand opening invitational is over. Only 16 of 32 players are left. Soon they will continue the battle. The player of our team GermanySebastian "Xixo" Bentert succeeded in the first group stage, having taken first place in group G.


group G
# Player Series Games
1. Germany Na`Vi.Xixo #1 2–0 6–1
2. Sweden Darkstar.Schismatron #2 2–1 6–6
3. Portugal LG.Ignite 1–2 6–8
4. International Beyond 0–2 3–6

First Sebastian defeated Sweden Darkstar.Schismatron 3:0. Portugal LG.Ignite wasn't capable of stopping him either. The Portuguese managed to beat Germany Xixo only once. Therefore it took only two matches for our player to get to the next stage.


That's a great start! Let's believe Sebastian will manage to repeat his success in the future. For the results of other matches read our coverage.

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