Xixo’s Overload Shaman


During the Insomnia56 - Truesilver Championship, our player, GermanySebastian "Xixo" Bentert, scored 11-5. Today we will take a look at the Overload Aggro Shaman’s deck that he played in the tournament. CanadaJustin "Luffy" Dizazzo, one of the originators of the new  aggro face shaman, helped him during the preparation.


This is a very aggressive deck that aims to face and defeat the opponent as fast as possible using low-cost cards with overload. The Tunnel Trogg, a common shaman minion from the League of Explorers, is one of the deck’s key cards: it addresses one of the weakness of the deck: the lack of 1 mana drops if compared to other aggro decks. The Trogg creates a strong combination if followed by Totem Golem at the start of the game and, whenever you overload, it gains 1 attack for each locked mana crystal, thus being able to steadily increase its damage at every turn in this kind of deck. Sir Finley Mrrgglton is a legendary neutral minion, which also belongs to the League of Explorers, that when played lets us discover a new hero power for our hero (between three randomly selected). In this deck, the best choices are: Steady Shot to transform ourselves in a real Face Hunter; Life Tap, which is obviously never a wrong choice, and finally we would like to advise Shapeshift in combination with Doomhammer (if you can’t find one of the previous hero powers). 
The Doomhammer is an epic 5 mana cost weapon that possesses Windfury, thus letting you attack 2 times per turn. Combined with Shapeshift, you can inflict up to 6 damage per turn. You can combo this card with Rockbiter Weapon in order to increase your attack to 5, dealing up to 10 weapon damage in a single turn. Abusive Sergeant, Leper Gnome and Argent Horserider are familiar cards in aggressive/face decks. Elemental Destruction is a 3 cost epic shaman spell. It is our only AoE card able to entirely clean the board but has the big disadvantage of costing 5 overload, therefore blocking almost any move in the next round. Lava Shock comes to our rescue, a 2 mana cost, 2 damage nuke that unlocks our overloaded crystals. Finally, we have a silence with Earth Shock, the always-useful taunts from Feral Spirit and the possibility to draw more cards with Ancestral Knowledge. The remaining cards are big low-cost nukes. A double Crackle can inflict from 6 to 12 damage for 4 mana, Lava Burst 10 damage for 6 mana and Lightning Bolt 6 damage for 2 mana. Using them together with Doomhammer, we can potentially end the game at any moment!
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