Na`Vi.XiXo double success


A couple of days ago, the list of the best Hearthstone players of September was published on Blizzard's official website. Along with the tournament achievements, the place in the ladder is also very important, since it is the ladder, where players test their decks and study their future rivals. Anyone can achieve Legend rank, however one needs to be outstanding player to get to top 10


We are proud to announce, that Germany Sebastian "XiXo" Bentert took second line of the rating of Europe's most powerful players, International Kycoo holding first place. There are many powerful players in this list, who would often participate in the tournaments. Ukraine Natus Vincere's player Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen takes 55 line.

Furthermore, Germany XiXo participated in the grand American tournament The eSports Arena, where he defeated all his rivals and took first place. Before the beginning of the tournament Germany XiXo trained on the American server and succeeded in this region too: he managed to achieve many victories on the ladder, which enabled him to take second place in the rating. As a result Germany XiXo is twice top two player in Europe and America. Great result! Congratulations, Sebastian!



Europe's rating table:

Best players
Place  Player
1 Kycoo
2 Na`Vi.XiXo
3 Legendaren
4 BgNSpasov
5 Huminator
6 DoKy
7 neerex
8 kolemoen
9 wiRer
10 SjoW
55 Na`Vi.Hoej

Full list

America's rating table:

best players
Place Player
1 Neobility
2 Na`Vi.XiXo
3 tokenator
4 tong
5 HanHanFortiN
6 Yinus
7 ZealousPawn
8 Impact
9 Noe
10 Ðart
11 Thejoker

Full list


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