1 000 000 YouTube subscribers


Five years has passed since the foundation of UkraineNatus Vincere. However regardless the young age we can be proud of adult records. Our YouTube Channel Na`Vi.Dota 2 has reached 1 000 000 subscribers. Therefore, we've become the first eSports organization in the world that has reached such outstanding figures. And it was you, our dear fan, who has made it happen! Thank you very much for your attention and support, which you have been giving us for all this time. It motivates us to work even harder and enables us to look up optimistically to the new heights.


Apart from viewers record, Dota 2 channel has set its new record of 12,5 million views in March. Our previous record of 11 million views was set in August 2013 when we were making report at The International 2013.


Natus Vincere statement:

"Natus Vincere organization expresses its gratitude to all the people who have contributed to the development of our Dota 2 YouTube channel. We express our gratitude to Andrew «Xeo» Yatsenko, the head of the development of Na`Vi channels and Dota-2 channel in particular; Oleg "prb" Bulavko, who has recorded hundreds of interviews and videos for our viewers; Moritz "Moose' Zimermann, a talented operator and director. We are grateful to Stas «Rox» Yuzva for the current development and filling the resource. We are also grateful to: Artiomas 'HELiCaL' Volujevicius, Aren 'Versuta' Zurabyan, Vitaliy 'sCOPe' Tarasov, Halit 'Pandazz' Islami, Marcin 'w200me' Kon, Dominik 'hOlyhexOr' Buhmann, Artem 'Warch' Warch, Vladimir 'Maelstorm' Kuzminov, Anatoliy '4fun' Chasha, Umn1k`у.

Additionally we express gratitude to our translators: Marina Snezhko, Anastasia Voytehina and Elena Soboleva, who help the English-speaking audience to understand the videos we make. We are grateful to every person, who has anyhow participated in the creation of the content for the channel! 

Surely we want to express our special gratitude to you - our dearest viewer! The second million is near, stay with us, subscribe to the new videos and follow our updates!"



TOP-10 most popular Dota-2 videos 

  • Dota 2 Stream: Na`Vi Dendi - Pudge (Gameplay & Commentary)


Over 2 220 000 views


  • Na`Vi Dendi - Pudgealicious


Over 1 485 000 views


  • Dota 2 - The Origin


Over 1 334 000 views


  • Na`Vi.Dota - One Step Ahead


Over 1 282 000 views


  • Na`Vi Dendi - Pudge vol.1


Over 1 282 000 views


  • Back to The International 2013 - Dota 2 Movie


Over 1 017 000 views


  • NatusVincereTV Channel Trailer


Over 1 003 000 views


  • Harlem shake - Na`Vi style (e-Sports edition)


Over 960 000 views


  • Dendi over Puppey in All Stars Match @ The International 2013


Over 832 000 views


  • Na`Vi Tribute to The International 2012 Movie


Over 795 000 views


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