Yozhyk won in China once again!


Recently we published the news about our genius of virtual football - UkraineEugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik - going to Chine once again. He was to protect his champion's title, he conquered at the International Esports Tournament. He was invited to the contest as a reigning champion, so unlike the other players, he didn't have to pass the online qualifiers. By the way image Basu was also invited to the tournament, since he'd shown fair results at the previous championship, though he lost in the semifinal.


Yozhyk - IET 2014 champion.


In a couple of days after we'd announced his participation, Eugene recorded a short videoblog, in which he spoke about the foregoing tournament, rivals and FIFA Online 3 (note that it substantially differs from FIFA 2015 we're used to). If you happened to miss this video, we suggest watching it now, as it is most interesting.


Yozhyk's videoblog


So, 25 April, at 19:30 Eugene went to the Chinese city of Yiwu, where International Esports Tournament was held. He had a transfer at Istanbul airport, where he faced the first problems. Turkish Airlines delayed many flights for 2 hours, unfortunately Ukraine Yozhyk's flight was one of those delayed.



Due to this trouble, Eugene managed to arrive to the tournament's venue only at about 2 am local time. The first match was to begin at 8:00 am. There was not much time for sleep. Everyone, who has ever switched the time zones, knows how hard the acclimatization can be. Jetlag is a hard thing to cope with. Fortunately, our player avoided the problem.



Post on Vkontate social network:
Eugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik

I've arrived! I've accommodated in the hotel. I've had my shower, now it's time to sleep! It's 2:00, I have to get up for breakfast at 8:00 and go to the tournament!

Keep your fingers crossed! The report should be at navi.gg! the streams are at zhanqi.tv and longzhu.com!

I'll do my best!

UkraineYozhyk's first match ate IET 2015 began at 5:30 CEST. We doubt any of you got up so early in the morning to watch the match. If any of you did, you must've been disappointed, since there was no stream of it. This year the organizers changed the format a bit: unlike IET 2014, all Fifa Online 3 matches except for the Final were not held at the stage. We could support UkraineYozhyk only in our mind. All we had to do was to imagine the course of the game.


Finally, a notice about our player's victory over his rival was posted on Eugene's page in vkontakte though he had to fight hard. The match included as much as 3 games:: 2:1, 1:2 и 3:2. As UkraineYozhyk noted the opponents had prepared much better and it was much harder to play with them. However, this didn't interfere with his victory in the very first match.

ChinaGu Shuncheng was UkraineYozhyk's rival in the semifinal. There was practically no information about him. Additionally there was not much time for preparation. Under the schedule the match was to begin at 9:30 local time. However it began one hour later. Online stream finally was made available so that the fans could support our player. And that was positive aspect. 


The Chinese player resisted furiously to UkraineYozhyk. Such fury enabled him to win in the first game and our player was very close to leaving the tournament (the format of the matches was bo3). Fortunately Eugene wasn't upset due to the loss. On the contrary, he understood that he played as good as his rival and is capable of defeating him. UkraineYozhyk played magnificently in the remaining matches. The final score was - 2:1. Our player passed to the final!


Post on Vkontate social network:
Eugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik


The last match was scheduled to 29 April. UkraineYozhyk had only one day to have rest and walk around the city, do the sightseeing and to communicate with the fans in the social network. In the end of the day he had dinner in a nice company. UkraineYozhyk spent time great and leant many interesting things about his last rival ChinaShi Wenliang.


Ukraine, China, USA, South Korea, India


Note: the furthest person on the photo is United StatesReynad. He's the founder of multigaming team United StatesTempo Storm, and one of the best Hearthstone players in American region.


The grand final of the tournament was held today at 9:00 CEST. The match welcomed many viewers from China. Most of them was most likely supporting their compatriot. However, Eugene had acquired many fans in China, so some of the viewers were definintely supporting him. 


Main stage

The games went smoothly. Was it that UkraineYozhyk felt perfectly on that day, or was it that ChinaShi Wenliang couldn't get ingame shape. The latter couldn't impose his game to Eugene. And Eugene got 2 bright victories.


Post on Vkontate social network:
Eugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik



Here they are - the cup and the champion's title! UkraineYozhyk once again proved he's the world's best FIFA player. This is the constancy, few people can boast about. Eugene succeeds in it. We congratulate him upon his victory! You are most welcome to congratulate him too in the comments to this news. UkraineYozhyk will surely read them upon arrival to home.

Comment by Ukraine Eugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik:

"After the victory I was full of fantastic emotions, which can't be described in words! This is more than a game! Thank you very much for your support, for your emotions and for tons of warm comments and private messages! Thank you!!! You are the part of my aspiration to win!"


Yozhyk with the trophy

International Esports Tournament 2015 is over now. See you next year. See the details of the tournament in our report.

Prize pool and the winners:

top 1 place: Ukraine Yozhyk - 60 000 CNY ($ 9 600)

top 2 place: Ukraine Shi Wenliang - 20 000 CNY ($ 3 200)

top 3 place: image Basu - 15 000 CNY ($ 2 400)

top 4 place: China Gu Shuncheng - 10 000 CNY ($ 1 600)

top 5-8 places: China Shen Rongjie, China Zou Likai, Ukraine Shen Linjie, China Zhou Feifei - 5 000 CNY ($ 800) each.


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#1 gb xiaowuge1991 30 April 2015, 15:45
Congratulations! I saw the grand finals and you played really well, keep fighting! Hope you can upload more interesting tutorial videos onto social network in the future :)
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