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Interviews with UkraineNatus Vincere players are posted on different websites all the time. Our guys answer questions regarding the performance of their and other teams, comment on tournaments and their organization, and give insight into the internal workings of the team, among other things. This, without a doubt, is very interesting to our fans, who have a lot of questions they want to ask the players.


For our beloved fans, we’re starting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series – which will be released every two weeks. First to be asked will be our lovely support player Russian FederationIvan 'Vanskor' Skorohod. You can ask Vanskor anything you like in the comments down below. Top ten questions will be answered with the premiere of the series on 25th of February.


Please think your questions through. Make sure your questions are clear, and also, please don’t ask a lot of questions in one comment. Let’s set a rule here: one comment = one question.


Let's get started!

AuthorEloveana Date14 February 2015, 12:15 Views8582 Comments27
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#21 ro Raisenel 17 February 2015, 16:15
Hi Vanskor , can i add you on my steam friends list ?
I admire you so much !
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#22 us XIV__ 17 February 2015, 20:50
Hey Vanskor, my question is what separates a pro Dota 2 player from someone who is just decent at the game? What should the decent person do to get over the hill and into the pro level of play? I hope my question makes sense. Thank you for your time.
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#23 us aReCooN 18 February 2015, 06:11
Hello Vanskor, I was wondering how the boot camp and practices are with the team. I'd like to know what the Na 'Vi squad works on during these practices. Thank you!
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#24 az Cisne 18 February 2015, 08:00
Which hero in Dota 2 you dislike the most and why?
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#25 vn BTC.Sea 18 February 2015, 08:39
Hi Vanskor, I've been watching Na'vi since late 2014 (that's mean Na'vi after TI4). Although the team have been struggling for a while, but I still follow Na'vi at major events(especially DAC 2015) and really enjoy Na'vi 's creative play and entertaining playstyle
I wanna ask what do you think about Na'vi playstyle right now, also your playstyle?
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#26 us klorine1 19 February 2015, 04:30
Ehm, Greetings, Vanskor. I'd like to ask you something, hmm is Goblak picks are good for you team, or maybe not quite good ?
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#27 us JohnStamoist 21 February 2015, 00:26
Hey Vanskor, been a big fan since I saw you play on Empire. I have a quick question, do you think that Na'Vi can find a player that is equal to Gleb in skill level? When you joined Na'Vi it was not the same dominant organization it had been the three years before. Do you think it will be harder to secure a highly skilled player due to Na'Vi's poor performances in the past year? I do not blame you for these poor performances since it was also an issue with the TI4 Squad.
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