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And so the last major DOTA 2 tournament of year 2011 is now over. We saw lots of intense matches filled with emotions and spectacular performance, supported image Natus Vincere and discussed it all on our forums, аs well as recorded lots of videos. Actually, below you will find a small (but not full!) recap of our video work done in Kiev CyberSport Arena for the last four days. Let's start with the interviews, all available with English subtitles (you need to press "CC" button in your youtube player):

We also made a small blitz-interview with image Clement "Puppey" Ivanov right after their loss to image Moscow 5, but it bugged and got no sound. That's why we decided not to show you how cool Puppey can imitate fish :)

Don't forget about numerous highlights made by our very own DOTA-movimaker image HELiCaL:

Just today we've added video from the final where you can see image PGG's emotions after winning the third match against image Na`Vi.DOTA. Last but not the least is awarding ceremony video:

Soon we will add new highlights from the Day 4 of DOTA 2 STAR Championship as well as record an exclusive interview with our new player image Sergey "ARS-ART" Revin. Stay tuned!

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