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For more than two weeks, our Blogs section has been untouched by our staff, and frankly, it has been left alone for way too long. We will try to fill this void by publishing the first blog entry from Natus Vincere CEO – Alexander 'ZeroGravity' Kokhanovsky: “Home games in CS:GO”, which describes a recent new trend in e-sports scene.


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As a perfectionist, I think about the details all the time. Details in everything. Little things. Little things that are very important. The most important discoveries in science were made due to small things. The best gadgets and services are composed and refined with the help of these little things. You must always consider the fine details and subtle things. Only 20% of CS or Dota 2 players understand this at the moment, but everything has been set in motion.
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#1 br Torresmo 19 June 2014, 22:11
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#2 sk bobo@grivs 20 June 2014, 13:09
He's is right. DotA & CS:GO are multi-factorial games - that makes the games good.
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