Zeus recorded a vlog after ESL One


Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko returned from ESL One and recorded a videoblog, speaking about the reasons why Na`Vi didn't meet expectations and underperformed at ESL One play-off. It turned out that the organizers didn't provide special devices for the headphones during the matches on the stage. This caused that the ingame sounds were muted by the screaming audience, though Natus Vincere players heard each other well. Meanwhile other participants of the main event of the year played with the abovementioned devices. This, according to Daniil Teslenko, impacted the results of the match.


Zeus also admitted that the team entered the tournament not in its best shape, though they'd trained hard during the bootcamp. Zeus also said what would be made to improve the results and shared the future plans of Ukraine Natus Vincere



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