DreamHack Winter 2010 Seedings!

Group А Group И Group С Group D
image mTw
image munkka
image TBD
image Full-Gaming
image Face2Face
image TBD
image Power-Gaming
image x6tence
image Puta
image Natus Vincere
image Antwerp Aces
image Alchemists
Group E Group F Group G Group H
image fnatic
image mibr
image .no
image Lions
image Rage
image NoProblem!

image Frag eXecutors
image Millenium
image TBD

image SK-Gaming
image Hardwarearena
image TBD

image TBD (To Be Determined) - slots for the teams that will enter the tournament after BYOC-tournament.
Two teams from each group are promoted to the play-off. Play-off format is Single Elimination (Best of 3).

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