The Defense DotA 2 Tournament seedings r announced groupstage seedings for their The Defense DotA 2 tournament that will feature 24 top teams all over the world competing for overall 10 000 EU. Our two-time world champions image Na`Vi.DotA will compete in group B together with image MUFC, image J4T,  image youBOAT and image Natural 9. Groupstage for the tournament looks as following:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
image Monkeybusiness
image MYM.SG
image Problem???
image WHB
image GDT
image Team Razer
image Na`Vi.DotA
image MUFC
image J4T
image youBOAT
image Natural 9
image GoD
image EZ
image EHOME
image fnatic
image virus
image decerto
image TeG
image Evil Geniuses
image Trust
image SGC
image Panzer
image EBIN
image Emocore

First The Defense matches starts next week and you can find detailed information here.

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