CIS top teams to boycott Ivan

Leaving?image?Na`Vi.DotA in fall, 2011,?image?Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov count not come back to professional DotA gaming. Trying his efforts in the renewed?image?DTS in the end of the year, the team disbanded after one LAN tournament and rumors said Ivan to go to?image?Moscow 5 new DotA 2 team. According to and?, the player still could not sign the contract with the Russian powerhouse and eventually sabotaged the plans of M5 to build a competitive DotA 2 squad in 2012. Such behavior has led to arousing outrage from top-tier CIS organization who decided to put Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov and all his probable team and projects under a boycott. Below you can read the official statements.

image Maxim "XPEH" Dyakonuk, the owner of the best European DotA-team in 2010,?DTS, comments:

"DTS-Gaming obviously gave Ivan the greatest push in his DotA career. Being a part of DTS, he achieved a level that allowed him to become one of the best captains and players in the world. However, it didn’t prevent his escaping from DTS at the peak of our achievements. The reason for leaving was an obscure story with the former manager Vitaly "V1lat" Volochay. At that moment I took the side of v1lat, and still has not changed my opinion no matter what. Ivan’s leaving provoked our breaking-up. A year later I decided to resume relations with Ivan.?The result is well known to all.?After the one performance at LAN Ivan completely tuned out, even though I knew that he just "did not want to talk."?Now it’s the same story with M5.?I think it’s time for him to get off it.?From now on DTS-Gaming organization, portal and all the future projects to be launched in 2012, put Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov, his teams and organizations under boycott.?We must show the community that there are certain rules of human interaction, to be followed. "

image Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky,?image Natus Vincere CEO:

"Ivan let down our team more than once. He could just ignore the tournament or blow off the team photo session in Kiev without saying a word. He could reject my calls or turn off his cell phone. In addition he invented dozens of ridiculous reasons for his absence and put the blame on our organization. Now I am once again convinced of his dishonesty and incompetence in regard to esports organizations. Na `Vi team and related projects break cooperation with all the organizations, teams, and portals connected to this very person."

image Dmitriy "ddd1ms" Smeliy, the?image?Moscow 5 owner, could not ignore the situation as well:

"I remember the discussion of our plans in December. We talked much, and there was a feeling that we fully trusted each other. I promised him to renew the salary as soon as the new line-up is announced. I still covered all the team’s expenses at Dota2 Star in?Kiev. I waited patiently as I trusted guys completely. Once in a caf? Yaroslav promised me to win WCG 2012. What happens now is beyond my comprehension. The team runs without thinking by Ivan’s call. Yes, he do is champion, but he left two?teams at their peak. It’s not a sane situation. Ivan and the team however have already divided the future million =) If the team goes away, I won’t wish them good luck, that's for sure. "

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