Na`Vi.BabyKnight to attend WCG 2011 Gran


It hasn't pass much time since our young player image Jon "BabyKnight" Andersen switched from DotA to competitive StarCraft II and joined the ranks of image Na`Vi.SC2. Last weeked he attended national Danish WCG 2011 qualifier and his run was successful enough to secure a paid image WCG 2011 Grand Final attendance in Busan, South Korea! In the grand final he met an experienced old-school player image Ciara and after a series of 5 matches Jon emerged as the best Danish SC2 player so far:

Grand Final:

image image Ciara [2:3] image image Na`Vi.Babyknight


image image Ciara [2:1] imageimage slrkrpaktdm

image image Na`Vi.Babyknight [2:1] image image Rosenkill

3rd place decider:

image image slrkrpaktdm [0:2image image Rosenkill

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